The horse box kitchen was built to enjoy the simplicities in life, smoking meats, melting cheeses, grilling fresh fish or braising vegetables.


Creative menus, made with the perfect combination of seasonal ingredients, which work exclusively for your wedding.

Beautiful & the Feast cater for events and parties across the Southwest, as well as running our own pop-up events and feasts.




We’re Wedding and Events Caterers with a penchant for feasts.  

Beautiful & the Feast source the best local, produce and lovingly prepare, unique, honest dishes across Cornwall and Devon.

Balancing traditions from yesteryear, with modern techniques and tenderly preparing our dishes, is part and parcel of our everyday ethos.

We consciously source our ingredients, plan our preparation methods and serve our dishes. No longer does party food and feasting need to invoke a guilty conscience (or indigestion).

We make feasts fit for the best, which nourish and fulfil. 



Holiday Hampers

Cornwall has some of the best food producers in the country, from the coastline, the fields, moors & woodlands. We've enjoyed seeking out the people who grow & harvest the best cornish produce.

We curate holiday hampers filled with hand picked goodies, from thick pork chops, local fish, fresh herbs & salads, handmade breads, smoked cheeses to beautiful cakes & local fruits. All ready, in a box, waiting for your arrival.

Not only do we provide hampers, but also a passionate in-house catering service for up to 20 people, relaxed beach barbecues or lunchtime picnics in locations of your choice. Our chefs deliver modern & honest menu's that fit any dietary requirements, using local & seasonal ingredients.

Gather your loved ones, its time to eat...




Born and raised in North London, Will’s natural creativity quickly made its way into the kitchen, and with a desire to understand more about the lifecycles of good, honest ingredients, Will set about learning the provenance of the food he loves. This desire took him to New Zealand, where he reared and butchered his own livestock, caught fish, grew seasonal vegetables and baked fresh bread, daily.  All of these skills he ploughed into creating fresh, modern menus that balanced his passion for nurturing the ingredients with exploration and experimentation of new textures and flavours.

Back in the London, Will used this knowledge of his craft, working in a busy independent restaurant – learning how to provide the best seasonal slap-up food, in a very different environment.

Will's ability to create menus which reflect the personalities of his clients is awesome and each one is made with an open ear and a love for his craft.



Born and raised in the West Country, after adventuring across the world, Keda found her way to London. For the last 8 years she has lived and worked in our fine city, planning and running an extensive range of events. From intimate, immersive suppers to 8-week long parties with 50,000 guests. 

Nothing pleases Keda more than hosting a party that everyone wants to be part of. With an acute sense of taste, a sharp eye for composition and an intuition for future styles and trends, Keda’s work is always at the forefront of design. Her energy, commitment and attention to detail make Keda the perfect co-host. She prides herself on building informed working relationships which make the host feel both in control and at ease.

Withmore than 15 years experience in the hospitality industry, Keda pairs her design skills, creative direction and logistical management with a love and expectation of impeccable customer service – making her events a beautiful experience for all involved, that truly reflect the tastes and personality of her clients. Prepare to be moved.


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